Michael Cant
Michael Cant is a consultant to Cant & Associates. He holds a B.Comm Marketing degree, an Honours Marketing degree, an M.Comm and a Doctorate in Marketing. He has extensive experience in consulting, especially in patents and business. He has read over 30 papers on small business world wide and is the author or co - author of five textbooks on marketing. He has consulted for large companies such as SA Breweries, City Council of Pretoria, FirstCorp and Sun Air as well as hundreds of small businesses and inventors. He is recognised world wide for his expert knowledge in small business and patents.

Iscell Cant
Mrs Cant is the Director of Cant & Associates and focuses on all matters relating to inventions and the commercialisation of it. She previously held the position of manager for a large computer company and successfully completed a number of certificates in management and marketing. She started her own business in retail distribution and successfully ran it for a number of years before selling it to focus on helping and assisting inventors to sell their ideas.

Cant & Associates have associates in all disciplines relevant to inventors and businesses. It has associates in the legal field who can do patent registrations, contracts and any other legal work, auditors and financial advisors, promotional companies, designers, technical support staff, immigration consultants and so on.