Do you have an idea that you would like to patent? Are you worried about the costs or losing the rights to your product? What about marketing. Do you need money to finance your idea / business?

If these are questions you are asking, please come and see our professional team. We can help you to realise your dreams.

Many people register a provisional patent or go through the process of registering a final patent without taking the next step of determining if a need exists for the product / service. Without doing some market research it is virtually impossible to determine if an idea will work or not. This question is asked so often by inventors, and there is no way to reduce the answer to a specific formula. A generalised answer is: "An invention has commercial value if it is something the public will buy and which can be manufactured to sell at a price the public will pay." This is the broad answer. More specifically, (a) it must be useful, fill a need or have consumer appeal (toys, games, etc fall into this category); (b) it must promise sufficient volume to be profitable for the manufacturer to tool up for it; (c) its construction must be practical, not theoretical and it should be protected or capable of being protected, eg. patentable, so that a saleable property right is or can be established in the invention. As business and patent consultants, operating for over 20 years, we have built up extensive experience in various areas of patent research. As we have the experience and infrastructure, we can conduct market research at affordable prices. The research regarding our idea / patent need to answer questions such as:

  • Is the idea acceptable in the market, ie. does the market want it
  • Who will buy and what criteria is important when deciding to buy it
  • What are people prepared to pay for it
  • How big is the market for the product
  • What does it cost to manufacture it and who can do it for me
  • Must I take out a final patent or PCT and what will it cost
Our consulting firm can assist you to:
  • Do market research locally and internationally
  • Help with provisional patent registration, PCT registrations and patent searches
  • Determine the market potential of the idea / patent
  • Find a buyer for your patent or an investor
  • Develop a total business plan for securing financial assistance
  • Development of a marketing strategy
  • Help finding finance for the development of the patent - locally or internationally
  • Marketing the product on your behalf to retail or other outlets
  • Prototype development
  • Manufacturing of the product
if the research proves to be positive, we can assist you in selling your patent. This service is offered due to the fact that many inventors do not want to market the product, but rather want to sell it. We have successfully helped a number of inventors to sell their patents or to start their own business in the past years. Do not wait until it is too late!

We have satellite offices in Washington, Florida, Singapore and Europe.

Our fees are very reasonable an we will negotiate the best deal for you - without taking a percentage. If you would like us to assist you in this endeavour, please contact us to discuss your specific situation. Appointments can be made after hours or on weekends if so desired.

We guarantee confidentiality and the first appointment is free of charge.